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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wardrobe Editing Challenge

 photo credit: Paramount Pictures

When you open a full closet and still feel like you have nothing to wear, it's probably just because you're in one of those moods women are all too familiar with. If this happens too frequently, however, then it's probably time for a wardrobe revamp!

Clothes often reflect one's personality, and they have the power to inspire and energize. Something as simple as a white tee with the perfect fit or a dress in a flattering color can make you feel good about yourself. Keep these in mind when editing your wardrobe--only retain pieces that fit well and look good on you.

Here are more concrete steps to a successful closet cleanup:

photo credit: Topshop (all pairs of pants, black dress, short black skirt, white tee), H&M (black midi skirt), Uniqlo (white oxford shirt), Polyvore (gray pencil skirt), Lyst (cream tube dress)

Identify your essentials. What do you love to keep on regular rotation? Ideally, these should include items that can go from day to night and can be dressed up or down. 

Choosing the most essential clothing items in your wardrobe can be tough, as it's too easy to say you'll need this particular outfit for a possible Halloween costume, or that skirt for when you've shed the extra two, three, or four inches off your waistline. If you really want to get out of that outfit rut, then you need to accept this challenge: If you were to pick only 25 clothing items from your wardrobe, what would these be? 

Here are my personal picks--a mix of casual, corporate, and dressy pieces:
  1. T-shirt in white*
  2. Long-sleeved button-down shirt in white*
  3. Denim button-down shirt in a light wash
  4. Long-sleeved tee in black
  5. Long-sleeved tee in gray
  6. Long-sleeved tee in navy blue
  7. Quarter-sleeved knit top in gray
  8. Quarter-sleeved knit top in coral
  9. Knit tunic in black
  10. Knit tunic in gray
  11. Long knit cardigan in gray
  12. Denim shorts in a dark wash
  13. Denim shorts in a light wash
  14. Skinny jeans in a dark wash*
  15. Skinny jeans in a light wash*
  16. Long black leggings
  17. Denim skater skirt
  18. Textured skater skirt in black
  19. Jersey cotton skater skirt in black
  20. Textured pencil skirt in black
  21. Wool pencil skirt in gray
  22. Black jodhpurs
  23. Quarter-sleeved jersey cotton dress in black*
  24. Cream tube dress
  25. Black and white striped quarter-sleeved dress
Funny how my *closet keepers from 2007 still made the cut!

I failed to include so many other favorites, though, like blazers, jackets, pastel dresses, leather skirts, and swimwear, but those are things I seldom use. This does not necessarily mean I need to dispose of everything else, but the exercise revealed that I should refrain from purchasing more of the items that did not make it to my list of essentials. 

photo credits: Indulgy (Ashley Olsen), Columbia Pictures (Charlie's Angels), The Urban Silhouette (Miranda Kerr)

Keep the non-essentials to a minimum. Growing up, I've been drawn to leather or leather-like pieces, thanks to Charlie's Angels and the Olsens. They're not the best material for our tropical climate but more and more high street brands have produced pieces with leather details that are wearable even in Manila, like skirts! They're so much fun to wear so I seize every opportunity to take them out of my closet, such as cooler months and trips abroad. As I don't get to wear them as often, though, I try to limit my leather purchases. 

photo credit: Song of Style (Aimee Song), The Fashion Tag (Olivia Palermo)

Dress for your body type. Steer clear of things you may like on others but do not fit your figure. Slouchy elegance, for example, is another Olsen-inspired look I've been quite obsessed with but could never pull off. Oversized tops in thick fabrics and any type of loose-fitting pants do not fit my petite, curvy frame, so I stopped buying them. They'll never work for me.

photo credit: New Line Cinema/HBO Films/Glamour magazine

Let go of clothes you will no longer use. Even among your favorites, if you've been trying on a certain piece for months but always end up changing into something else before walking out the door, then you need to let go of it sooner or later. Sell or donate these to somebody who can actually wear them.

Afterwards, your closet will look like it has been edited by a professional stylist according to your fashion palate!

The CityLifeStylist

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