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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hearty Home-Cooked Meal by Anjelica Toledo: Baby Back Ribs with Jack Daniel's Grill Glaze and Mushroom Risotto

Need an entrée option for a last-minute V-Day meal? Looking for recipe ideas for a special upcoming dinner? Either way, this scrumptious pairing makes for a hearty little home-cooked feast. 

One of my dearest friends, Anjelica Toledo, is my very first featured blogger and I'm thrilled to share this quasi-collaborationa term that perfectly describes our relationship in her home kitchen, in which she works her magic as I pretend to help. In reality, all the "work" I contribute involves taste testing and gushing about her cooking!

Lica specifically had a romantic date in mind when she lovingly prepared the Baby Back Ribs with Jack Daniel's Grill Glaze and the Mushroom Risotto, but I would also recommend these for a nice dinner at home with family and friends.

Bon appétit!

The CityLifeStylist


photo credit: Anjelica Toledo

Valentine's Day Special: Ribs and Risotto
By Anjelica Toledo
How exactly will you classify the annual celebration of love? “Hallmark holidays do not exist in my calendar,” for those who have a scanty forbearance of all things sappy. “I have been preparing for this day since the start of the year!” Surely, there are those who celebrate this slushy day of romance with their equally schmaltzy partners. Who are we to judge, really? But apart from all the chocolates, flowers, and all the fanciness this occasion has come up with, one thing is certain!
For years, Valentine’s Day has created a handful of excuses to chow down food, whether in merriment or to shoo away the gloom. Whether you are masticating a solo meal in the midst of a chick flick marathon (nothing says “I’m single, so what?” better than watching movies alone in your pajamas); or having a themed house party with your friends (a la Giada de Laurentiis with matching décolletage); or sharing a dish or two with your significant other, food will always be one of the main events of February 14. YAY FOR FOOD! 
Read the rest of the post here.

This home cook extraordinaire, now a budding entrepreneur, sure has more cooking and food styling tricks up her sleeve. Follow Anjelica Toledo's brand new blog, The Joyful Hands.

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