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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Now on The Fat Kid Inside | Celebrate Fried Chicken Day with These New Chicks on the Block

Your teeth sink into a flavorful crunch, sometimes salty or garlicky, other times peppery or spicy. If you’re lucky, the white meat underneath boasts a soft, plump and juicy contrast, completing one lip-smacking fried chicken experience.

What’s not to love?

Before this went online, the only other post on The Fat Kid Inside tagged “fried chicken” was Erwan’s Non-Fried “Fried” Chicken Pillows with Yellow Squash/Zucchini “Pasta” a.k.a Screw Nuggets recipe. While TFKI is all about eating healthy, delicious dishes, we also endorse the occasional cheat treat.

So here are a few relatively new players in the fried chicken arena—seven enticing options for your much-anticipated reward meals. Plus, it’s National Fried Chicken Day in the US on July 6—another excuse to join in on the fun!

Read the rest of the post here.

Prepare yourself for some serious fried chicken cravings.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

MEGA June 2014 | Contemporary New York Dining 71 Floors Up

The month of June whizzed by so quickly. Proper sustenance somehow made up for the long work hours, which is why I have several food posts coming up! 

One particular dining experience, however, was actually for work, though it did not feel like work at all. For MEGA, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Carlo Miguel and sampling the food at 71 Gramercy, the restaurant atop the tallest building in the Philippines to date.

Check out the June 2014 issue to find out the must-order dishes (like the unforgettable Organic Honey Glazed Duck Breast!) and desserts (like the truly #Legit Chocolate Cake).

Sunday, May 18, 2014

MEGA May 2014 | Breaking Boundaries of Convention

Get a full dose of inspiration and empowerment from this month's MEGA.

The May 2014 issue celebrates beauty that breaks boundaries with MEGA's 10 Most Beautiful. With their talent, charisma, and stunning, unique looks, these women elevate our concept of beauty: actresses Andi Eigenmann and Mercedes Cabral; Asia's Next Top Model runner-up Jodilly Pendre and third placer Katarina Rodriguez; power belter Radha; photographer Shaira Luna; and fashion designer Charina Sarte. Completing the list are three multi-hyphenates: singer-songwriter, events/TV host, and alopecia awareness advocate Abby Asistioentrepreneur, blogger and creative genius Martine Cajucom; and model, DJ, artist and adventurer Sanya Smith. I was thrilled to have been assigned to write the features on Cabral, Rodriguez, Asistio, Smith, and Cajucom, who share refreshing perspectives of beauty and such intense passion for their respective crafts. 

MEGA has likewise outdone itself with this year's Annual Beauty Awards, a fun and informative read on "toys" for the grown-up gals--today's topnotch beauty and skincare tools and products for highlighting your best features and taking care of your skin.

The magazine also celebrates the beauty of life in A Not So Private Matter, an inspiring, brave and thought-provoking piece in which managing editor Sarah Santiago shares her thoughts on unintended pregnancy and the omnipresent choice to save a life. 

Read more in MEGA's May 2014 issue.

The CityLifeStylist


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MEGA January 2014 | Beyond Accessories: PoshDated's Jena Fetalino on Iconic Purses

Behind the scenes at the MEGA shoot

Stepping into PoshDated on Arnaiz Avenue is like drifting into a bag lover’s dream. The shop becomes even more fascinating as owner Jena Fetalino shares the history behind her exquisite finds--from her rare vintage Hermès purses to her timeless Chanel collection. Such iconic pieces are not mere accessories; they are works of art that demonstrate craftsmanship and quality. Fetalino adds, “They are also meant for those [who] want something that hearken back to the fashion from a different era.”

Read the feature in this month's MEGA.

The CityLifeStylist