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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Walk-Through Closet

I first got the idea for a walk-through closet from Ikea.

Ikea's ideas for maximizing small spaces are pure genius. In this video, the part featuring the walk-through closet starts at 2:52.

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Here's another idea from Ikea: the use of a curtain behind the bed's headboard to serve as a partition for the dressing area.

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This led me to further research on walk-in closet alternatives. While Ikea's curtain partition seems to be much easier to execute, I'm partial to having a wall, which can be the back of one of the closet shelves.

photo credit: Clayton Hauck for Builder

Such would work perfectly for small, narrow bedrooms. 

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With more space and a horizontal bedroom layout, these pegs can work as well.

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