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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Space Pegs: Interiors, Furnishings, Decor and More

I firmly believe in marrying form and function especially when it comes to home decor. 

I may not have my own place yet but my space at home is kept tidy (for the most part!) with simple but sleek organizers. I'm not a fan of merely decorative pieces, with the exception of artwork. When I do settle down, I envision an understated, elegant home with classic but lively interiors, lots of storage to minimize clutter, plus a beautiful kitchen and a huge closet that can double as my meditation room (LOL).

I've accumulated quite a number of photographs from all over the web to serve as possible pegs for my future abode. I wanted to share my thoughts on them through my blog, thus the birth of yet another section on The CityLifeStylist.

All of my dream interiors, furnishing preferences and decor desires will be featured in Space Pegs--coming soon!

The CityLifeStylist

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