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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Workaholic's Dream: The Home Office

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I'm bound to require a home office once I settle into my own place, and while I must consider fitting it into a small area, it has to match my needs. Is it too much to ask for generous desk space and lots of storage?

Though this layout has the office adjacent to the living room, I still think it's a good idea because it maximizes space. I can always listen to instrumental jazz on my earphones or resort to earplugs to block out the sound from the TV!

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This layout can also work. It can be incorporated into the bedroom; maybe even inside the walk-through closet I'm lusting after.

photo credit: Normanbolditalic on Flickr via Pinterest

This can probably work in the bedroom as well. But if it's going to be right next to the bed, I doubt it'll help my productivity!

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I think a separate room, even a small one like this, would still be best if you have space to spare. It'll give the luxury of peace and quiet without any distractions.

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Therese San Diego said...
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Charlene Velas said...

I love your pegs! I agree! A spare room is better than setting up one in your bedroom. Hahaha.

Therese San Diego said...

I knew you would! Hahaha. That's the dream! ^_^