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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wardrobe Solutions: Rotation, Variation and Inspiration

One thing I failed to pay enough attention to in the past year was keeping my wardrobe organized and updated. I was preoccupied with a lot of work and, despite my efforts to shake things up, I kept taking the easy (lazy!) route by sticking to my staples and styling pieces the same way for months.

Over the holidays, I was tempted to hit the refresh button on my closet and start over, but I figured that apart from being incredibly impractical, I would be taking another easy way out of my fashion rut. This brings me to my fashion resolution for 2013...

Rotate, rotate, rotate!

Last year, I had less than half of my clothes on regular rotation, which means I didn't get to wear majority of what I had in my closet--and this was after taking out the things I no longer needed! I plan to bring back my old habit of organizing items by color and clothing type, which helps in the selection process. It would allow me to spot more options in a jiffy so I can step out in style even on my busiest days!

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You know how much I love the classics--LBDs, black skirts, and pretty much everything in neutrals--but they can get pretty boring when I turn to them all the time. That's why I started introducing more color and prints a few years back, and I should remind myself to wear them more often. 

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Plus, I'll be trying to veer away from purchasing things that look almost exactly like the other items I already have. Even when buying more staples, I'll be on the lookout for extra oomph on classic pieces--be it interesting details on solid frocks, or black skirts in different textures.

I've also forgotten to rotate my accessories. I wore the same pearl cuff and white coral bracelet for months, and while they looked chic at first, they eventually ended up looking blah. My younger sister is an expert when it comes to accessorizing, but even she seemed to have been too busy to bother with baubles when she started college that my mom reminded both of us to get more wear out of our trinkets!

Another one of my "notes to self" (that you may also find helpful) is to be more open to inspirations for new looks that would work for me. They don't necessarily have to come from magazines and fashion bloggers (although I never tire of hunting for sartorial ideas at the blogs of Aimee Song and Mayo Wo, among others). In an interview with jewelry designer Vida Lim last year, I remember her saying how she takes inspiration from practically anything--even her children's toys, which gave birth to her exquisite Age of the Dinosaur collection. I'll be keeping an eye out for style inspiration from books, films, my travels, and my parents', grandparents' and great-grandparents' old albums, to name a few.

This year, I resolve to get more creative and think beyond my comfort zone. And this applies to other aspects of my life, beyond my soon-to-be-organized wardrobe.

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