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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the September 2012 MEGA Stylephile Shoot

Featured on Stylephile in the September issue of MEGA is the beautiful Adrienne Ley. Sweet, sassy, and full of energy, she gamely struck her best poses in different corners of her home during the shoot, both indoors and outdoors--even in the middle of the koi pond!

Adrienne, a budding entrepreneur fresh out of college, modeled like a pro. She crossed barefoot to the middle of the pond, slipped into her Schutz heels and prepped patiently as we set up the fan for that "wind effect" to get the perfect snapshot. She looked smashing! 


She seems to have inherited her eye for style from her mom, Linda Ley, who cheered her on as Yselle Reyes directed the shoot and photographer John Ocampo snapped awayRaymond Ko of L'Oreal Professionél created her wavy tresses while Jomel Razon did her makeup.

Above are two of my favorites among the sexily sophisticated outfits she put together for the shoot. Adrienne strikes a good balance between chicness and comfort with her selection's interesting back-baring details on soft, comfortable fabrics. She finished them off with edgy accessories and statement shoes, which she also prefers to be comfy. 

That explains her Jeffrey Campbell obsession. "You’ll feel like you’re in rubber shoes," she says of her kickass Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" platform boots in the right photo, which she wore with a top from H&M, a Givenchy skirt, a Zara vest, a Mango belt, and accessories from Mango and Bangkok. (Check out the feature for more outfit details!)

Here are a few tidbits from our chat that didn't make it to print:

You and your mom share wardrobes and exchange style advice. But how is your style different from hers?

AL: She won’t wear shorts or anything short, but since I’m in my twenties, I’m game for that. She won’t wear spikes ‘cause it’s not her thing. She would wear something encrusted, but not spiked. She won’t wear three rings all together, but I would. She’d never wear jeans, but I can wear jeans for work or for school. She won’t wear something that’s very revealing. Like, I’d wear a corset top and a body con bandage skirt. She’d wear a corset with a flowing maxi skirt or palazzo pants.

If you could raid anybody’s closet (aside from your mom’s), whose would it be?

AL: Divine Lee’s! She’s my idol. I’d love to raid her closet. I can relate to her because she also has big feet! I actually discovered my favorite Lita boots from Jeffrey Campbell when I saw her post on Tumblr! When she said they were available at SM, I immediately headed to SM! That’s where my love for the Jeffrey Campbell shoe collection started. I also like how she mixes high-low items. She’d have an Hermes bag but her outfit would be Topshop and H&M. So I take it from her that not everything has to be expensive. You can mix the high-end fashion pieces with high street items. And her formalwear is always fierce! 

Do you have style turn-offs in the opposite sex?

AL: I don’t like guys in jeans and slippers. If they want to wear sandals or slippers, they should wear shorts. It’s a turn-off when guys don’t dress up for the occasion. They should also look effortless, not over-the-top. I like it when guys look fresh, clean and classic. And they have to have well-fit pieces.

In your opinion, what is the biggest fashion blunder a girl can make?

AL: I think it’s copying off someone else’s style. When you copy what someone else is wearing, it’s not necessarily going to look good on you. Fashion is something that’s personal. It’s something that reflects your character, your interests, your passions, your personality.

I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing a lot more of Adrienne Ley!

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