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Monday, August 6, 2012

Parasailing and Helmet Diving in Boracay

I went on vacation early July but had to plunge right back into work, leaving no time for blogging. I finally have a free day after another working weekend, so I'm filling you in on my recent Boracay getaway!

I've been excited about the trip for months as it was a graduation gift from the boyfriend. We originally planned to just lounge around the beach and go on food trips, but later thought it might be fun to do a couple water activities: parasailing and helmet diving.

Boy, was I glad we went for it! I thought parasailing would be as heart-dropping as ziplining, but it was actually the opposite. "Relaxing" was not a word I thought I would use to describe the experience, but it really made us feel light and at ease. It was very peaceful up there, and I'm so happy that our tour guide was able to capture everything from lift-off to landing in such crisp, beautiful photos. The best shots, of course, are the ones where we were in the air. 

I'd love to go parasailing again!

Helmet Diving
Helmet diving came next. Our group was accompanied by divers, including guides and photographers. We got to take home CDs of our photos and videos. 

Let's just say I'm not as comfortable underwater as I am up in the air! I got nervous on the way down, ten feet underwater, but it was definitely a thrill. Just imagine walking on the ocean floor with schools of fish swimming around--what's not to get excited about? 

Sharing more about the trip in the next entry!

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Anonymous said...

hi! just wanna ask how much the said activities cost you... thanks

Therese San Diego said...


It was a package. For both parasailing and helmet diving, we paid 1,200 PhP per head :)