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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best Boracay Eats: Zuzuni, Mañana Mexican Cuisine and Astoria Boracay

Some of the most scrumptious dishes we had in Boracay were from Zuzuni, Mañana Mexican Cuisine and Astoria Boracay.


1. Zuzuni
Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay Island

On our second day on the island, we had lunch at award-winning Greek restaurant ZuzuniWhen the food came, we discovered what everybody was raving about.

Since I was watching my figure (at least for the beach trip, har har) our appetizer served as my main course. I love zucchini and I love tzatziki even more, so it was no surprise that I became a fan of their Kolokythakia Tiganita--deep fried zucchini with a tzatziki dip.

The boyfriend, on the other hand, ordered the Warm Chicken-Bacon Sandwich. I had a bite and it was really good, too. The chicken was grilled to perfection, and the bacon lent just the right amount of saltiness and smokiness to it. 

I can give up carbs like rice and bread during meals, but I can never give up sweets! We split the restaurant's bestselling dessert, Mati Chocolate Sin, a warm flourless (molten) Valrhona chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. 

It really was sinful, I tell you. The sweetness was a bit overwhelming for the boyfriend, but I savored every bite. You're really supposed to eat the cake and ice cream together. The combination of warm and cold plus the mix of chocolate and vanilla will tantalize your taste buds!

2. Mañana Mexican Cuisine
White Beach, near Boat Station 1, Boracay Island

Another famous beachfront resto in Boracay is Mañana Mexican Cuisine, which serves authentic Mexican dishes. The photo above shows the view from our table.

We ordered beef burritos, which I didn't expect to be so huge! With the big serving sizes, their dishes are great for sharing, especially if you're watching your beach bod. 

According to our waiter, everything is made fresh, including the sauces! The burritos were already flavorful on their own but the four sauces combined gave them a hint of sweetness and a hot kick. Would've sampled more dishes but I didn't want to walk around in my bikini with a food baby!

3. Astoria Boracay
Boat Station 1, Boracay Island

A good dinner spot is Astoria Boracay's restaurant, where we had a buffet dinner on our second night. The boyfriend was my lucky charm because he was given free passes as we were walking along the shore! The catch was that dinner came with a presentation about the hotel, but we sure didn't complain. The food was amazing! My favorites were the chicken salad with pomelo, the roast beef with potatoes, and the lechon. I guess buffet meals on beach trips are fine as long as you skip the rice and go easy on the fatty stuff!

Aside from the powder-fine white sand, sparkling water, and fun water activities, another reason I'm going back to Boracay is obviously the chow!

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