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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the July 2012 MEGAWOMAN Shoot

Katrina Ponce-Enrile dishes about her career, motherhood, and her fashion and beauty favorites as this month's MEGAWOMAN.

One summer weekend, Katrina graciously welcomed the MEGA crew to her beautiful, earthy home in Makati City. Though it was something she "inherited" from her brother, she shared how she and her family have "slowly transformed it" to fit their lifestyle: "I wanted the house to be open and airy, simple and not cluttered, and I think we were able to do that."

While she does have a lot of space, it felt homey even to visitors. Perhaps her warm and spirited personality also had something to do with it. She gamely posed for photograph after photograph in her stylish but elegantly laidback ensembles, and revealed her collection of bags, shoes and makeup.

Katrina's makeup artist Yciar Castillo and hairstylist Dennis Tolite of Elevation Salon at work

Everybody knows Katrina as President and CEO of JAKA Investments Corporation, but that afternoon, her girly side shone through. During the shoot, I heard the art director wondering aloud how she could get all the pairs of shoes to fit the frame, to Katrina's amusement. "I [even] have one [pair] that's really worn out but it's upstairs, I don't want you to see!" she exclaims, referring to her favorite black Prada boots.

But it was her makeup collection, part of which she houses in these clear acrylic makeup drawers that she bought online, that really left us awestruck. It's a great way of keeping easy, organized access to your tubes, pots and compacts, eliminating the need to rummage through opaque containers. 

Read more about Katrina Ponce-Enrile in the July 2012 issue of MEGA magazine.

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