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Monday, June 11, 2012

Durian Convert: Discovering a Different Durian in Bukidnon

After my Tuguegarao trip last January, I left town again to do more interviews the following month, this time with local officials of the waterless municipalities of Abulug, Allacapan and Dangcagan in Bukidnon. Hopped on a plane to Cagayan de Oro and took a four-hour drive to the province, which was quite picturesque with all the fields of pineapple, sugarcane and rice, to name a few.

While I didn't get the chance to sample the province's luscious pineapples, I was introduced to a delicious variant of durian. It tasted completely different from the durian I first tried in Davao! It was sweeter, and had a creamier, smoother texture and a less pungent aroma. The variant was also smaller, and its flesh was a more subdued shade of yellow.

Unfortunately, the sellers in the market we bought them from could not give us more information about this particular durian, except that they are of the "Puyat Davao" variety. There are bigger, more pungent kinds under this variety, though. Check out the sign and the pile of bigger durians in the photo--those are the ones with the stronger smell! So I guess the next time I hunt for my kind of durian, I'll just have to describe it!

My colleague and I loved it so much that we bought some every chance we got. This is what it looked like after a night in the freezer. It tasted like ice cream the morning after.

So good, it can win over initial non-fans of durian!

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