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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brush Up on Your British Style Vocab

This morning, I looked up the nude pumps I had my eye on yesterday and was puzzled by the product name Gator Snake Heel Court Shoes. I thought, what on earth are court shoes? I hit Google again and discovered that they are what pumps are called in British English. 

UK: court shoes | US: pumps
"A type of plain shoe with a raised heel and no way of fastening it to the foot which is worn by women" --Cambridge
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Amused, I proceeded to do some research on other fashion and beauty lingo that have an American/British distinction. You may already be familiar with these, but a few may surprise you. Thanks to my Louise Rennison books from high school, the 2008 film Wild Child and Cambridge for these bits of trivia! 

UK: braces | US: suspenders
"A pair of narrow straps which stretch from the front of the trousers over your shoulders to the back to hold them up" --Cambridge
photo credit:

UK: dressing gown | US: bathrobe (or lounging robe)
"A long loose piece of clothing, like a coat, which you wear informally inside the house" 
photo credit:

UK: dungarees US: overalls
"A pair of trousers with an extra piece of cloth that covers the chest and is held in place by a strap over each shoulder" --Cambridge
photo credit: and

UK: fringe | US: bangs
"Goofy short bit of hair that comes down to your eyebrows" --Georgia Nicolson, the lead character in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison
photo credit:

UK: jimjams | US: pajamas or pyjamas
"Trousers and a shirt worn in bed" --Cambridge
photo credit:

UK: jumper | US: sweater
"A piece of clothing made from wool which covers the upper part of the body and the arms, and which does not open at the front" --Cambridge
photo credit:

UK: knickers | US: panties

"Things you wear to conceal girlie parts. Boys don't wear knickers; they wear underpants or boxer shorts." --Georgia Nicolson, the lead character in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison
photo credit:

UK: one-off | US: one-of-a-kind

"Something that happens or is made or done only once" --Cambridge
photo credit:

UK: polo neck | US: turtleneck

"A high round collar that folds over on itself and covers the neck" --Cambridge
"Polo neck is the same as a turtleneck. Having a turtleneck has never been a big selling point for me... but have it your own way if you LUUURVE turtles so much." --Georgia Nicolson, the lead character in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison

UK: rucksack | US: backpack
"Like a little kangaroo pouch you wear on your back to put things in. Backpack." --Georgia Nicolson, the lead character in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison

UK: slap | US: makeup
As in, "I'm just going to put a bit of slap on." --Cambridge

UK: vest | US: tank top or undershirt

"A shirt without sleeves, usually made out of cotton, which is worn in the summer or for sport" or "a type of underwear, often with no sleeves, which covers the upper part of the body and which is worn for extra warmth" --Cambridge
photo credit:

UK: waistcoat | US: vest
"A piece of clothing that covers the upper body but not the arms and usually has buttons down the front, worn over a shirt" --Cambridge
photo credit:

Got anything to add to the list? Keep expanding your British style vocabulary with online fashion and beauty reads via Elle UK, British Vogue and InStyle.

Feel free to add to the list! 

The CityLifeStylist

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gadget Chic

I am not a techie. I usually take my brother's advice when it comes to buying gizmos like laptops and external hard drives, and I choose mobile phones based on the features I need (and want!) as well as the design. But based on what I've seen, heard about and experienced, there are some electronic devices that I think you might find quite nifty.

photo credit: Alcatel

Take the ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D by Alcatel 810--it's a smartphone that looks like a pretty little powder compact--perfect for discreetly keeping your hair and makeup in check in between classes or meetings. At only 3,599PhP, it's a steal with its dual SIM functionality, easy-to-use QWERTY keypad and other features like an audio recorder, music player, FM radio, 2MP camera, and video camera. Click here for the full list of features

The ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D is available at all Alcatel OneTouch kiosks and mobile phone stores nationwide.

photo credit: BlackBerry/

The BlackBerry Dakota (9900) has been in the market for over a year but since I got hold of it, I just couldn't stop raving about how perfect it is for my needs. My full-time job and magazine work require me to do a lot of research and writing, and this phone allows me to go online and use Microsoft Word with incredible ease. The touchscreen feature combined with the QWERTY keypad make typing, cutting/copying and pasting a breeze. Plus, downloading files from websites or my email is incredibly fast. It allows you to open multiple tabs while surfing the net, has MS PowerPoint and MS Excel, and boasts of a 5MP camera, HD video camera, voice recorder, music and video player, and a very convenient search function, among others. Fore more details, check out the Blackberry Philippines website.

The only downside is the battery life, which is a fraction of the incredibly long battery power of my old trusty Nokia E72 (that took me years to let go of!) but we have portable chargers to take care of that.

photo credit:

Belkin is one reliable brand that offers portable "power packs" like the Power Pack 2000which is very handy for charging phones (and even tablets) on the go. Just make sure your gadget has a microUSB port, as their power packs only come with microUSB-to-USB cables.


photo credit:

When purchasing USB flash drives, I always go for PQI just because I've never experienced problems with the Taiwanese brand. Plus, they have the sleekest packaging! I think I've amassed about ten PQI flash drives through the years, all of which were purchased from CD-R King.

The CityLifeStylist

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Winning Pinkberry Concoctions

The results are in. And I'm not talking about American Idol.

I've just received the list of Create Your Own Pinkberry Concoction winners from the folks at Pinkberry Philippines, and I'm excited to present the winning entries:

Persephone's Temptation (First Prize)

Healthy with Bits of Temptation (Second Prize)

Summer Santa (Third Prize)

Don't these just make you want to grab a cup of Pinkberry? Head over to their Greenbelt 5 branch or their newly opened store at the Power Plant Mall to make your own concoction.

The three lucky winners will be contacted via email with instructions on how to claim their prizes. 

Congratulations and keep on swirling!

The CityLifeStylist

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunnies All Year Round

I thought we were about to get a total weather turnaround after experiencing some rain last week, but it looks like the last few weeks of summer will be sunny as ever. Or not. But hey, the great thing about our tropical weather is that we constantly get to soak up the sun, and we always have an excuse to wear sunnies to protect our peepers.

photo credit: and

It's good to have classic pairs to go with everything in your closet and a few fun pieces that pack more punch, like the ones from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's extensive sunglasses collection.

photo credit:

This feature on Hollywood's most iconic specs can give you more ideas for both timeless and statement specs, from Holly Golightly's dark Ray-Ban Wayfarers to Lolita's red heart-shaped shades.

The CityLifeStylist

Friday, May 18, 2012

MEGA's 20 Most Beautiful 2012

An Estrada. En Estrada. Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez. Giselle Töngi. Jo Ann Bitagcol. Camille Tantoco. Nicole Tantoco.

The seven beautiful women I interviewed for MEGA’s 20 Most Beautiful 2012 feature share two things in common: passion for their work and a thirst for exploration.

An (in beige) and En (in cream) Estrada, the 26-year-old twin photography geniuses behind Your Evil Twin Diary, whose glittery gold lips during the shoot had them in fits of giggles, shedding the innocently sexy, casually sophisticated looks they are known for

The sweet and elegant Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, Sales and Marketing Manager of Philux, Inc., traveler and foodie

Giselle “G” Töngi, ‘90s teen icon who has traded her acting, VJing and modeling hats for even greater things: the thrill of molding talent and creating a “collaboration of creativity” behind the camera, and the joys of being a hands-on wife and mother

Interviewed via email were the multi-talented and incredibly down-to-earth supermodel-turned-photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol who is now training to become a cinematographer, as well as another set of twin sisters, the well-rounded Camille and Nicole Tantoco, both raring to explore the world on their own.

Grab your copy of the May 2012 issue of MEGA magazine!

The CityLifeStylist

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's All About Beauty in This Month's MEGA

The May 2012 issue of MEGA magazine with Maja Salvador on the cover is all about beauty, inside and out. As editor in chief Sari Yap said, the people and the products in this ish "have gone through rigorous screening," with the former overcoming odds "in order to emerge as the gold standard."

Among these are the ten amazing ladies I interviewedJo Ann Bitagcol, An Estrada, En Estrada, Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez, Camille Tantoco, Nicole Tantoco and Giselle Töngi for MEGA’s 20 Most Beautiful feature; and Faye Yoingco, Kristelie Yap and Ivy (last name kept confidential) for Diversity in Dating and Romance, an article about how today's Filipinas defy stereotypical gender models and define their own rules in dating and managing their relationships. 

I also got to write about Thunderbird Resorts in Binangonan, Rizal, a breathtaking luxury retreat that is practically a stone's throw away from Manila. 

Posting some behind the scenes photos soon!

The CityLifeStylist


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