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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MEGA's 20 Most Stylish 2012: Joyce Makitalo

Jewelry designer Joyce Makitalo may be the spunkiest among MEGA's 20 Most Stylish this year, with her distinct style that takes inspiration from blasts from the past and visions of the future.

She identified France and London as two places that influence her style the most because of the people's "devil-may-care attitude in dressing," and shared how she would look for thrift and antique shops in every country she visits to learn about the culture. She finds "real luxury" in pieces from big fashion houses "which are handmade by artisans from all over the world" and are created using "traditional styles [and] techniques to create modern pieces."

Here are a few of the things she shared that didn't make it to the magazine:

Current favorite items in her closet: Her neon yellow, mint green, red-orange, hot pink and floral skinnies

Must-have item for the summer: "Prada's oversized goggles sunglasses, perfect for the beach!"

Last fashion purchase: "A white vintage Chanel jumbo. I have a vintage Chanel bag collection. It has to be vintage. I enjoy the hunt!"

Next on her shopping list: "And because I just met Pam Quiñones, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes! Pam has a pretty amazing collection."

Accessory she could not leave home without: "My tulasi japa bead necklace from India."

Favorite local designer: "Locally, my most favorite would be Chito Vijandre. And then there's about thirty others. [There are] so many talented Filipino designers, it's crazy."

Favorite international designer: "Alexander McQueen forever and ever."

Closets she'd love to raid: Anna Dello Russo's and Mick Jagger's in the '60s

Read about her style philosophy as well as her design and style inspirations in this month's MEGA.

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