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Thursday, April 19, 2012

MEGA's 20 Most Stylish 2012: Camille Co

In MEGA's 20 Most Stylish 2012 feature, I wrote about how Camille Co--Coexist designer, Mango It Girl for Spring-Summer 2012, and one of today's most sought-after fashion bloggers--remains enthusiastically modest despite her swift rise to international fame. 

She talked excitedly about everything she was busy with, from her plans for her charity beneficiaries and her clothing label, to her then-upcoming trips to Spain for a Mango shoot and Paris for vacation, her personal style, and her wardrobe management techniques.

I'm sure Camille's followers are wondering how she keeps track of all her clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. The secret? Her iPhone! She has a "small" closet (quite unbelievable!), which is why she keeps photos of all her things in her phone. At first, she tried to use the Stylebook app where one can make looks and plot them on a calendar, but later found organizing photos in albums easier. She shows images of her picks for the day to her assistant, who helps find them in her wardrobe. Pretty neat!

Svelte and modelesque, Camille moved effortlessly during the shoot for the Most Stylish feature, which she was also part of last year. As editor in chief Sari Yap noted, there are "repeaters" in this year's roster not because MEGA has run out of stylish ladies to feature, but because "to be a MEGA Most Stylish Woman is to be someone with permanence--to have a timeless appeal that no matter the season, year, decade or generation, remains the epitome of style, class and stature." This says a lot about the future the industry foresees for Camille.

Here are some tidbits from the interview that didn't make it to the magazine:

Favorite shopping destinations: Camille loves shopping in Hong Kong and Singapore, but said she would also love to shop in Paris and New York and hunt for vintage pieces, as she did in Spain: "When I went to Barcelona, I asked the Mango people about thrift stores or vintage stores. [They have] really old school Chanel and Hermes, and I was able to buy two pairs of vintage earrings shipped from Paris!"

Current favorite items in her closet:
  1. Orange Givenchy Pandora
  2. Black H&M boyfriend blazer ("I can see myself wearing it till I'm super old already!"
  3. Her mom's Chanel classic black purse (Camille laughs, "I remember how I persuaded my mom to buy it, thinking of my future!")
  4. Black Lanvin oxford heels ("It's a classic. I can also see myself wearing it till I'm really old."
  5. Mango black pumps with gold metal tip
Last fashion purchase: Two pairs of fluorescent pumps from Aldo in yellow and pink

Next on her shopping list: More stiletto pumps with metal tips in different colors or full metallic pumps

Accessory she could not leave home without: "This is going to sound like an endorsement but hindi talaga. My Goody Spin Pins! I can't leave [the house] without them."

Favorite local designers: Michael Cinco, Jun Escario, Joel Escober and Cary Santiago ("I dream of becoming a Cary Santiago bride!")

Favorite local RTW haunts: Coexist and a lot of online stores

Favorite international designers: Marchesa, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs

Favorite international RTW haunts: Mango, Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridge and Zara

Read more about Camille and all the ladies who made it to this year's MEGA's 20 Most Stylish in the magazine's April 2012 issue.

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