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Monday, April 2, 2012

Haley Reinhart: Free, Finally!

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Remember how I could not stop gushing about Haley Reinhart last year? If not, let me refresh your memory with this, this and thisI loved her from the moment I saw her American Idol 10 audition!

Now I'm incredibly excited about her upcoming album Listen Up! to be launched in May. She recently released her first single, Free, and its fabulous music video. It is undeniable that the jazzy, soulful "little growler that could (Steven Tyler, 2011)" sounds a lot better live, but I love the record nonetheless!

The behind the scenes video on her official YouTube channel reveals Haley's old Hollywood-inspired wardrobe choices. 

So glam!

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Miguel said...

A couple of other songs that will be on Haley's album. She co-wrote these:

Therese San Diego said...

Yaaay! These are awesome :D

Thank you, Miguel!