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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Snack Attack: Triple Threat, Triple Treat

Sebastian's Snack Attack Dive Bar, Chilly Burger and Artisanal Ice Cream
Sebastian's Ice Cream, SM North EDSA The Block (see the list of other branches here)
I already blogged about the Snack Attack Dive Bar but I just had to add it to this entry along with the Chilly Burger and Ice Cream versions, which are just pure salty-sweet heaven.

The Snack Attack Dive Bar is brown butter ice cream dipped in caramel, while the Snack Attack Chilly Burger is vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel center sandwiched in between two large butter cashew cookies. Both are rolled in chocolate-covered potato chips, peanut butter-covered pretzels, and honey roasted peanuts. The ice cream cup is similar to the Chilly Burger minus the cookies. 

If I had to choose my top pick, it would have to be the Dive Bar, but all three are my favorites at Sebastian's!

The CityLifeStylist

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