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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chic Under Pressure

Who: MEGA Assistant Editor Sarah Santiago, directing the shoot for the March 2012 MEGAWOMAN feature
The Look: Comfy basics glammed up with the fiercest shoes

I swear these were both candid shots! I love that the photos show how cool and collected Sarah is, because I've always admired her poise! She looked fresh and fabulous (on a working Saturday, at that!) clad in a sweater from Forever21, a Uniqlo oxford shirt, Topshop denim shorts, and Betsey Johnson leopard print heels.

Sarah pointed out that she doesn't normally wear heels during shoots, especially when she needs to "walk around, climb stairs or stand for long hours," but chose to slip into this pair that day because she stepped out sans makeup. "I wanted people to notice my shoes and ignore the heavy bags under my eyes. And I guess it worked," she laughed. "Women are so easily distracted!"

I sure didn't notice any such thing!

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