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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes at the March 2012 MEGAWOMAN Shoot

Last February, I posted a teaser about my feature on supermom Grace Barbers-Baja, who fit right into the theme of MEGA's "Power Issue" this month. Here are some stories and snapshots from behind the scenes.

Photographer John Ocampo and MEGA Assistant Editor Sarah Santiago, who acted as art director, were hard at work that weekend. Both the interview and the shoot took place in Grace's home one Saturday in January. Verna Marin did her makeup, while Avril Seguin styled her hair.

The interview was a breeze as Grace spoke candidly about her life as a full-time hands-on mom, and how she makes sure that her family lives a very active, healthy lifestyle, with exercise and meals packed with fruits and veggies as part of their regular routine. She also shared stories about her travels and how she and her husband Lauro, both "big foodies," keep lists of restaurants to try in every country.

Grace also treated us to a peek into her wardrobe and beauty boudoir, which were full of things that made our hearts flutter. In one corner of the living room was a rack of dresses and gowns in classic solids, sophisticated prints, and a variety of luxurious textures--the perfect selection for the shoot. She showed her perfume picks and makeup favorites, but noted that her daily beauty regimen only includes the basics, like sheer powder and lip balm.

As seen in MEGA

Her bags and shoes were also a sight to behold, with timeless pieces from the best ateliers. I was crushing on her delicate gold Prada clutch and CÉLINE luggage bag in black and brown! While Grace loves to shop, she is very discerning in choosing items, buying only what she really likes and what looks good on her. She is obviously no fashion victim, judging by her exquisite choices.

Grace also could not contain her excitement as she shared how she loves shopping for her one-year-old daughter, Alessandra. "When we found out that we were having a girl, we were ecstatic and over the moon! I started buying clothes as early as the fourth month of my pregnancy. It wasn't even 100 percent confirmed but I [was] like, for sure na 'yan, it's a girl!" Grace gushed, adding that she bought clothing for ages zero to 12 months when she was pregnant, and clothes for ages 12 to 24 months after she gave birth. These days she's buying clothes for when her little princess turns three. "Now Alessi's closet is bigger than mine!" she laughs.

After about five hours of six outfit changes and hair and makeup retouches in between, it was a wrap!

Read more about Grace Barbers-Baja in the March 2012 issue of MEGA magazine, now out on newsstands.

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