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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Thrills

photo credit: AIJC/Paul Alaras (middle and bottom photos)

Thanks to my post-holiday/post-thesis weight gain, I only have a few decent (read: double chin-free) photos from my master's graduation! But how could I complain? I'm finally done with my MA! 

I should have more time to blog and lounge around now, but alas, new projects at work have kept my hands full. Good thing I've got my chocolate stash to keep me sane, especially with my new favorite addition: Sea Salt Caramel in Dark Chocolate from Cacao. For only 99 pesos per 100 grams, I was very pleasantly surprised after my first bite. With that price, I wasn't expecting them to be so amazing. For lovers of chewy salted caramel and dark chocolate, this is definitely a cheap thrill!

(Going back to that healthy diet soon, though, I swear! But how could I stick to it with such delectable treats within reach? Hee.)

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