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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carnivores with a Sweet Tooth

Sampled some steaks and cool treats on my most recent trip to Mercato Centrale. My friends, boyfriend and I were surprised we actually managed to control ourselves this time--our table wasn't so full anymore, but we definitely were after all the meat and the sweets!


"Home cooked food, cooked good," read the sign. But it wasn't the tagline that got to us. These did:

The USDA Angus Beef Belly Roast...

...with the Wickedly Good Mashed Potatoes. Honestly, the latter should've been named "Wickedly Excellent"!

The sign was right. It tasted like a good home-cooked meal. The meat was very tender, though it could be more flavorful, while the smooth and buttery mashed potatoes sent us to carb heaven.

Steaks on Stick
Steaks really seemed to appeal to us that afternoon. We tried the Steaksilog and a couple sticks of Wagyu sans the rice.

I think a sauce with a spicier or tangier kick would complement the steaks even better. Fans of good ol' mushroom sauce, on the other hand, would enjoy the Pepper Mushroom Sauce. If you're looking for a heavy, tasty breakfast, the Steaksilog would definitely hit the spot.

Sebastian's Ice Cream
My friends were raving so much about the cheese ice cream with walnuts and honey (above), so even if I'm allergic to it, I can tell you that it's a must-try, along with Sebastian's Dive Bars!

The Snack Attack, my pick, was the best in my opinion. It's like salted caramel ice cream with a lot of crunch. With buttery ice cream dipped in caramel and rolled in chocolate-covered potato chips, peanut butter-covered pretzels, and honey-roasted peanuts, what more could you ask for?

I love dark chocolate and crisp butter toffee, so I thought the Butter Toffee Crunch was good, too.

The Naked Mango tasted like a frozen, perfectly ripe mango! It's quite creamy and has just the right amount of sweetness even if it's dairy-free and fat-free.

I can't wait to try the rest of Sebastian's Dive Bars. The desserts were definitely the cherry on top of this great meal. Click here to learn more about them!

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