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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tagaytay Food Trip

Last weekend, my boyfriend took me to Tagaytay for my pre-birthday celebration. I came prepared--I took note of the addresses of all the restaurants I wanted to try, and a few that I was excited to revisit. It made deciding where to eat a lot easier. Here's the rub on the grub!

1. Manos Greek Taverna
Calamba Road, Olivarez, San Jose, Tagaytay City
It was my first time to have so much carbs in one sitting. Think pita, fries and rice!

Our favorite part of the meal was the appetizer--pita bread with Tzatziki, a yogurt dip with cucumber and onions. It was creamy and perfectly tangy, and the combination of cucumbers and onions tasted fresh and lively.

One of our main courses was the Grilled Souvlaki, sticks of skewered pork with fries, rice, calamansi and grilled tomatoes, which was okay. The meat was a little tough, and it wasn't very flavorful. The sides made it better, though, especially the juicy tomatoes. We also had the Beftekia Scaras, grilled beef patties served with fries, rice, calamansi and a small serving of corn, carrots and peas. We liked this dish because the patties were soft, thick and tasty. The crispy homemade fries were really good, too.

2. Buon Giorno
The Cliffhouse, General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
The Cliffhouse looks beautiful and romantic especially at night! There are other restos in the area that we wanted to try, but we were craving for pasta so we picked Buon Giorno. (Yep--more carbs for dinner!)

We had one of my fave pasta dishes, Penne All'Arrabiata, which had bacon bits and spicy tomato sauce. It was excellent, but we thought it needed a bit more Tabasco. Good thing a bottle was readily available. As for the Risotto con Vedure Del Mediterraneo, we were more than satisfied. The creamy risotto with a generous mix of oven-roasted vegetables was divine.

At first, the servings seemed small, but we were already full halfway through the meal! We skipped dessert and had a couple pots of Tarragon Tea instead. The tea was deliciously soothing.

3. Diner's Bulalohan
Mendez, Tagaytay
A trip to Tagaytay would not be complete without a bowl of bulalo (beef shank soup). This restaurant is very popular for its version, and rightly so.

Out of the four bulalo places I've tried in Tagaytay, Diner's Bulalohan has, by far, the tastiest. The meat was very tender and the soup wasn't too oily. I think it could still get better with corn and string beans in addition to the cabbage slices, though.

I feel like I gained several pounds overnight--and we've only ticked off about one fourth of my list! I'm already looking forward to our next food trip in the chilly city.

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