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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Style Note No. 4

(Kimono cardigan, black tank top and navy wide-leg pants,; black pumps,; black leather watch,; black leather bag,; two-toned dress,; slouchy cardigan and and floral blouse,; coral bermuda shorts,; watch, ring and gladiator sandals,; night owl bag, two-toned handbag and earrings,

What makes today's fashion so much more fun is the anything goes, style rule-breaking attitude that leaves room for a lot of experimentation. There are current trends that have broken age-old fashion rules that I have yet to try such as prints on prints, but there is one that I've found quite easy to pull off: pairing loose separates.

Wear a slouchy outfit without looking sloppy by anchoring it with minimal and coordinated accessories, and by using pieces in complementary colors and prints. If you want to have a put-together look, avoid mixing prints or clashing colors. Should you wish to experiment and really let loose, on the other hand, there are absolutely no limits!

The CityLifeStylist

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