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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Off to the Market!

On my trip to Thailand, I was able to explore some of the markets.

The coolest was the Lumphaya Floating Market, where you will see locals selling plants, handicrafts, fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of food products and drinks.

Some dock their boats and bring in their goods...

...while others sell right from their rowboats.

You can buy cooked meals, fruits, desserts and drinks, and enjoy them in a nice little table by the river.

The iced coffee I bought from this stall was delicious!

On our last day, my classmate Louise L. and I pre-booked a Khao Yai National Park and Elephant Ride Day Trip, which included a tour of another local market in Nakhon Nayok province. We came across a lot of interesting items here, such as insects that look like cockroaches sold as food!

I felt sorry for the poor turtles and frogs, which were also being sold alongside different kinds of seafood.

There were also items that were easy on the eyes, like pink century eggs (which I found unusual as the ones in Manila are magenta) and beautiful flowers, which are purchased to be offered in the temples.

What really made me happy were the piles of red hot chili peppers and--drum roll, please--MIANG! (Yup, the dish I was raving about in this post.) I brought a couple sets home and my family loved it as much as I did!

What I should've bought more of were fruits like mangosteen, lanzones, santol, and rambutan! They were a lot cheaper in Thailand than in the Philippines, as I mentioned in a previous entry.

When in Thailand, a trip to the market is a must!

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