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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's Hot in Thailand

On our first night, the class decided to have dinner at the guest house. We were in for a treat because the New Road Guest House in Bangkok, Thailand, served delicious Thai delicacies which were hot, hot, hot!

I ordered Pad Kra Paow Gai or traditional Thai minced chicken with chili, garlic and basil. It had a lot of chili, which made it very hot and spicy! It did not overpower the flavors of the chicken, the garlic, and the basil, though, which was good. It's something I would order again, but I'd ask the chef to go easy on the chili next time.

I had a taste of my classmate Romina's Kai Pad Med Ma Moung, which, according to the menu, was fried chicken with cashew nuts, onions and oyster sauce! Perhaps the restaurant meant stir-fried. It was so funny because she was expecting fried chicken! I had some of this, too, and it was also spicy, but not too much.

After every bite, I had a tall glass of fresh orange smoothie and a bottle of water to soothe my burning tongue!

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