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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unbelievably Healthy Thai Desserts

The desserts in Thailand did not disappoint my sweet tooth. They were very healthy, too!

Fresh fruits were cheap and available in the markets and the side streets! There were tons of mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, and custard apples. These are also available in the Philippines, but they're much cheaper in Thailand.

We couldn't get enough of the sweet mangosteen! Platters of mangosteen and rambutan were served for dessert at the Jungle House Hotel, where my classmate Louise and I got to ride an elephant. (More on that later!)

Baked goodies were served at the monk ordination ceremony (which I will tell you about in another entry!) It was so nice of them to give us bags of cookies and cupcakes for the rest of our tour. My favorite was the banana cupcake, because I could tell that the ingredients were fresh. I don't remember how many times I bought banana bread or banana muffins in village bakeries or supermarket bakeries in Manila that were only made with banana essence. Those give me a headache!

They also served coffee ice cream at the ceremony, which had peanuts, nata de coco, and bits of a vegetable that tasted like sweet potato. It provided a cool contrast against the hot, spicy Khao Tom Moo or boiled rice with pork and extra chili that we had for breakfast. (Yes, they served ice cream as part of our breakfast!)

Such delightful, diet-friendly treats!

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