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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Right in the Bag

Monarchy Collection by Eric Kim (2010)
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Paper bag shorts have been around for quite some time, but I've only felt like wearing them recently. They're incredibly comfy and effortlessly chic, and I can easily dress them up or down! It's one of those perfect day-to-night bottoms that you can quickly style up by switching your bag, shoes and accessories.

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This Topshop number actually looks like the Zara shorts I got my sister for her last birthday. Blue bottoms are great because they can be paired with a lot of things just like denim. (Hmm, I guess I'll be borrowing your shorts, sis!)

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Earthy neutrals like gray and olive green are also very versatile. Even a sporty pair like the cargo paper bag shorts above can be taken from the mall to the club with a change of top and shoes!

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Though I'm usually partial to plains, I bought this pair because the print was just too beautiful to resist. I'm always drawn to ultra feminine pieces! Plus, I love how the hues in the print includes different neutrals, plus some touches of pink and blue.

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Olivia Palermo and Leighton Meester both look chic in their paper bag bottoms. Olivia sports it with a laid-back ensemble of a striped tee, casual blazer and ballet flats, while Leighton wears hers with a sexy white button-down and stilettos.

Items of clothing for easy dressing are always welcome in my wardrobe!

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