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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bangkok Malling

Here are some of the photos I had taken while going around Central World and Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. I only got to explore a couple malls during my stay, which means I have a lot more malling to look forward to when I return!

On its website, Central World calls itself the "largest lifestyle shopping complex" in Thailand. According to the Bangkok Shopping Guide website, it's one of the largest.

Central World is just like the malls in Manila, as it offers international brands like Topshop, Zara, and Forever21...

...alongside local boutiques like Pietra and The-Adjective. They had pretty cool stuff, but nothing in particular caught my eye.

When I entered the Platinum Fashion Mall, on the other hand, I think I died and went to shopping heaven!

Girly girls, most especially, would love this place. If you want to shop for feminine clothes, bags, shoes and accessories at bargain prices, you should schedule at least half a day getting lost in this five-storey shopping haunt. The stores give big discounts if you buy "wholesale"--which, for them, meant buying at least two items from a store!

The only problem about the mall is that many of the clothes come in really small sizes. I had to let go of several gorgeous skirts because they seemed to fit girls with 23-inch waistlines! It's probably because most Thai women are very slim.

I checked out every single shop on the first floor, forgetting that there were four more floors to explore upstairs. I only got to take a quick run-through on the next two levels before leaving for dinner with my classmates. Sigh. Needless to say, I'm raring to go back!

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