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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bangkok Fast Food Restos Make Huge Salads

I never expect fast food restaurants to serve big servings of salads, which is why I was pleasantly surprised about the salad servings in Bangkok.

Last Friday, the group was already hungry and in a rush, so we decided to have a quick lunch at The Pizza Company at Central World before heading to our next destination. I honestly wouldn't recommend the restaurant for its service and other dishes, but the salad was satisfying. This was actually my professor's order, which I had practically half of, because my pasta had cheese in it even after we requested for a special order with no cheese since I was allergic. Thank goodness I brought my antihistamine!

I also had some Herb Chicken Salad at New York Deli after checking in at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. They substituted the original dressing, which had cheese in it, with red wine vinaigrette. It was the perfect ending to my Bangkok trip!

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