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Friday, April 1, 2011

In the Pink

I'm beginning to go back to my ultra girly roots with touches of pink in my closet, on my desk and in my makeup kit!

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Currently on heavy wardrobe rotation are skirts, tops, cardis, and accessories in pretty pink hues. Above are three pairs of studs I got from Forever21 last weekend. I've finally learned to rely on costume jewelry for casual days. They're fun and I don't have to worry so much about losing an earring!

I cut out little hearts to make a border for my cork board. My calendar is one of the first few gifts I received from my sweet boyfriend who knows how much I love anything that keeps me organized. I like how the color blends into the cork. For a personal touch, I pinned my name on it with a clothes tag from Kashieca. (Their tags are always extra chic!)

I'm using an old gift box as a pen holder, where I also keep scratch paper for quick notes. I have tons of other pens, pencils and markers (you know how much I love them!) which I keep in a pencil case I take with me everywhere. For other supplies like my stapler, eraser, glue and clips, I use a pretty box with a pink ribbon which my friend Robelle gave me along with a nice necklace on my last birthday. I also made origami fortune tellers for my paper clips. They need their own container for easy access because I use them a lot. Another gift is the nylon pink and white zebra print envelope I pinned on the board, where I keep work-related calling cards.

My desk is never without my laptop and planner. My compact Moleskine is my favorite so far because it has enough space for my to-do lists but is light and small enough to carry around. When I'm on the go, I use my smartphone to do presentation drafts, write reports and take notes, but I always need my planner to jot down things to do. Since high school, I've had this habit of drawing a box before each item to tick as soon as I get it done!

Supplies and decor in blushing shades are scattered all over my office desk. With the color palette of pink, beige and black in mind, it was so easy to put everything together and make a cute cubicle that's very conducive to work.

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I'm also switching up the color of my nails with a healthy glow of pink! Last month was all about nail glitter and shine, but this April I'm going with Silk Stockings from Orly's French Manicure Color Collection. Other pinks from the Sheer Crémes line are just as sweet, like Bare Rose and Pink Nude.

All of a sudden I'm also missing my Barbie dolls! I definitely have to look for them one weekend. I just might get some outfit inspiration from my old bag of Barbie clothes.

The little girl in me is squealing with excitement!

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