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Friday, March 11, 2011

Bring on the Liquor

My love affair with liquor-based desserts began with fruitcake. While other people cringe at the sight of it under the Christmas tree, my Dad and I get a thrill out of receiving that little brandy/rum-soaked brown loaf with fruits and nuts!

With Christmas still months away, I've recently been sampling other sweet and liquor-laced treats to satisfy my taste buds. Here are a few of what really pleased the palate in the absence of our old favorite.

Apple and Calvados Crepe
Cuillere, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
If a plain crepe a la mode already makes me happy, just imagine what this can do to me. Cuillere's Apple and Calvados Crepe is filled with stewed apples, toffee syrup and whipped cream, topped with French Vanilla ice cream, and flambéed with Calvados (dry apple brandy). The brandy cutting the sweetness of the fruit and the syrup plus the traditional warm and cold contrast of the ice cream and the filling made for a brilliant combination of flavors and sensations.

Bailey's Chocolate Cake
Chocolat, Xavierville Avenue, Quezon City
This simple chocolate cake soaked in Bailey's liquor is incredibly smooth, moist and not overly sweet. It's definitely a worthy runner-up to their Death by Tablea cake!

Fruitcake still tops my list, though. So next Christmas, remember that I'd be willing to give your unwanted fruitcakes a good home!

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