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Friday, December 31, 2010

Take Me Away

Getting sick during the holidays actually has its pros. I have more than enough sleep every night (and all throughout the day!) I also get to catch up on my reading (some Margaret Atwood and Khavn De La Cruz, woot) and watch movies in bed. I'm hoping this is the tail end of my cough/sore throat/colds because I really want a kickass New Year celebration before I go back to work!

Good thing this song has kept me in an extra cheery mood since I watched Easy A this morning. "I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine!"

Emma Stone is now officially my girl crush. Love her wit, her voice and her whole look. Her outfits before and after her va-va-voom transformation in the movie were gorgeous.

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Everything definitely deserved an A--from the best-fitting jeans ever paired with basic tank tops to the sexiest bustiers and hot wedges. I'm tempted to don a bustier with a big red "A" (le boyfriend's initial, heehee) but I guess I'll have to wait till Halloween.

Wishing you a pocket full of sunshine for every day of 2011!

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