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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Flair for Menswear

Don't you just love the classic, unfussy designs of menswear that stand the test of time? Unfortunately, loose trousers and masculine shoes don't go very well with my petite frame, but I do get to play dress-up with men's bags and accessories, as well as loose shirts and boyfriend cardis (cinched at the waist, of course, or I'd drown in them!)

As a weekend treat, here are some looks from New York Fashion Week that the ladies can cop from the fashionable gents on and off the runway.

photo credit:

I'm not a fan of that man bag, but everything else looks nice and laid-back. I would wear the shabby chic hat to the beach and the braided belt over breezy dresses or an oversized button-down shirt, like the ones below:

photo credit:

The longer the shirt, the better! A longer one is more versatile 'cause it can be tucked into jeans or shorts, paired with leggings, or worn as a belted dress.

photo credit:

In this outfit, it was the gray and black v-neck sweater that caught my eye. I'd throw it over a crisp white oxford shirt for work.

photo credit: Tommy Ton,

You might catch yourself wishing for a bad hair day just to get an excuse to wear a cool hat like his.

photo credit: Tommy Ton,

That leather envelope clutch looks so soft and pretty, though a messenger bag made of the same buttery material would be more practical but just as gorgeous.

photo credit: Tommy Ton,

Love the shoes, but I doubt if I can pull them off. A pair of more ladylike oxfords in nude would be a good alternative.

I find browsing GQ just as fun as leafing through Preview, Elle and Vogue!

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Rakhshanda said...

Hey they are really stylish outfits!! Great blog.

Therese San Diego said...

Thank you, Rakhshanda! GQ always features classic, effortless style :)