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Friday, July 9, 2010

Me and Mini-Me in Minis

Who: My little sister Maia and I watched Eclipse with the family (for the second time!) over the weekend.
The Look: We kept it casual and colorful, debuting some of the skirts we snapped up at the newly opened Forever21 at Megamall. The opening was so much fun despite the incredibly long lines outside, at the fitting rooms and at the cashier!

Maia's style is on the sporty side, and this is actually one of the first few times she wore a skirt! I love how she gave an athletic twist to the floral mini with a purple knitted hoodie and red Keds that match her glasses.

I started injecting more color into my predominantly black wardrobe lately, and I'm currently obsessed with corals and blues, thus the cerulean cardigan and coral mini. Wore a navy tee, a brown belt and nude ballet flats to tone down the brightness.

My sister is actually turning 14 this month. Happy Birthday, baby! She'll probably grow taller than me soon and I'm going to be the one people will be calling Maia's mini-me!

The CityLifeStylist

P.S. Big thanks to for presenting their Style Award to The CityLifeStylist! I look forward to becoming a guest blogger on the Be in Style blog. :)

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