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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bag Spy

Persona by photographer Jason Travis is a cool collection of photos of 25 Atlantans and what they carry in their bags.

This gave me an idea for City Streets by The CityLifeStylist. I will soon be giving you a peek into the bags people in Manila tote around.

As for me, my family and friends will tell you that I have a mini bookstore, drugstore and beauty counter inside my bag. I never want to be caught unprepared so I bring emergency items on top of my everyday essentials almost everywhere, with the exception of short trips.

I might need wide angle lens to capture the contents of my purse, but here's a preview starting with my trusty gold pencil case, with a short review of the best school/office supplies for moi:

Work and grad school require me to read a lot of books and papers and do lots of filing and labeling, thus the need for markers/highlighters. I have long traded in gel pens and ball pens for pencils and Stabilo point 88 fine-line pens, which never leak ink. The Maped stapler is tiny but can staple thick documents, and the Faber-Castell Exam Grade Eraser really does the "excellent soft and clean erasing" it promises. I attached my tiny 2GB flash drive to a shiny keychain so it won't be misplaced, and used little pieces of paper to keep my paper clips together for easy access. Rounding up my kit are a pair of tiny scissors and a small ruler from Best Buy, and Rewrite correction tape, which doesn't get stuck in the dispenser unlike other brands I've tried.

This is a trimmed down set of the supplies I use on a daily basis; the contents of my desk drawer is another (long) story! Watch for more In My Bag features on City Streets by The CityLifeStylist.

The CityLifeStylist

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