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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Manila Girl and the New Yorker

Who: Moi with Jenika, the only woman in the world who totally gets me (other than my mom!)
The Look: Easy dressing with a play on neutrals

I toned down my sunny draped tube dress with a pale pink cardigan and accessories in light shades of brown sprinkled with hints of gold. Jen spruced up her dark denim leggings and cream cami with nude sky high stilettos, but kept it cool and casual with chunky rings, beads on her wrists and a leather sling bag.

If I could have a super power, it would be teleportation. I'd raid Jen's closet everyday. I didn't say anything about actually walking in those deadly heels, though!

NOTE: All City Streets photos are posted with permission from the subject/s

The CityLifeStylist


Manila Girl said...

Your post title totally caught my attention - for obvious reasons, haha. :)

I love your style!

Therese San Diego said...

Hahaha! Thanks, Manila Girl ^_^