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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas

The spookfest is about to begin! Some of my friends are still looking for costumes, and I think last-minute preparations make Halloween so much more fun. Here are a few ideas I hope can help you out.

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"I've got chills... They're multiplyin'. And I'm looooosing controool..." Sorry, I can't help it. I love Grease! Go as Sandy post-makeover with big, curly hair, a tight-fitting black top, shiny skinny bottoms and heels. If you've got a Danny, he'll only need a black muscle shirt, black pants, leather shoes and, of course, slicked back John Travolta hair!

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Dressing up as Amy Winehouse is pretty easy to do if you have long locks--you just have to get it poufy. A mini dress with a black bra, black eyeliner and a few sticker tattoos will complete the look.

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An even easier costume for long-haired ladies is Sadako. All you need is a white dress!

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Put together an all-pink outfit, slip into high heels, get all glammed up with pretty hair and makeup, and voila! You've turned yourself into a Barbie doll--or Elle Woods!

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If our party pushes through, I think I'll be taking the cue from Gossip Girl--bringing back the roaring twenties!

Dig into your closet and you just might find a few things to complete your costume!

Happy Halloween, y'all!

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