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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Manila Girl

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It's difficult not to take notice of the Collezione C2 by Rhett Eala label these days, with everybody from local celebrities and politicians to people on the street sporting the incredibly popular My Pilipinas series shirts. Upon checking out the TriNoma branch and the website, I found more interesting pieces with Pinoy pride written all over them.

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My picks from the women's line are the tube dresses and Manila Pilipinas tee in black and pink. I love how you can layer the Manila Manila dresses and turn them into skirts.

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Dots the collared shirt that I want! The gray and white polka dotted version is part of the My Pilipinas line for men, though. I hope they come out with one for women because it's too cute! I'm also loving the one with the diagonal stripe, which is simple yet edgy.

I wish more local designers would come out with cool casualwear!

UPDATE: The dresses will be launched in November or December. Better ask the store to call you once they're out--stocks are limited!

The CityLifeStylist


Little Metropolitan said...

It's so Stephen Sprouse!

Therese San Diego said...

The pink tee! I know, right? It's kind of like a spoof shirt if you think about it, haha!


totally reminds me of

Therese San Diego said...

Another spoof tee? Haha. Wonder if they did it on purpose!