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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vampire Lover

I've been obsessing over this thing since last week. Checked out the behind-the scenes video of Topshop's Autumn-Winter 2009 shoot and spotted a cool "Kiss of the Vampire" tee that I would wear with a black blazer, a black boyfriend cardigan, leggings or tights, a black mini, black shorts, and other black pieces I can unearth from my closet until the shirt gets worn out! Very retro-punk.

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Hit the mall a couple days ago for a little "fresh air" and grabbed a copy of the September issue of Teen Vogue. I didn't notice until then that Taylor Momsen was wearing THE TEE underneath the Burberry trench on the cover! If it's long enough to be a mini dress on her, it will definitely be long enough on me. Though I wouldn't style it the same way, the accessories are pretty fierce, especially that choker from Barneys.

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It's perfect for vampire lovers. From Lestat to Spike to Edward, I loved them all.

Who's your favorite vampire? :)

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