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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Style Icon: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift always looks like a sweetheart in pretty dresses, whether she's onstage, on the red carpet or on the street.

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Taylor looks every bit the pop princess performing in sassy little numbers and the occasional hippie headband on her long blonde curls.

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This girl shines on the red carpet with the ever-present sparkle in her eyes and on her elegantly embellished ensembles.

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Dainty dresses are definitely her trademark. Taylor takes it easy on her days off in simple frocks, basic brown heels and a cute ponytail.

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But Taylor isn't as angelic as she looks! Here she is with KISS at Keith Urban's concert, where she pulled a prank on him onstage. He wasn't expecting her to show up looking like this! Here's the video:

Fast forward to 1:17. Hilarious! I'm partial to her fresh-faced look, though. ;)

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