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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nonchalant Chic

Alexander Wang's runway statement read laid-back and languid throughout the past few seasons, with pieces perfect for lounging around. Do as bold, beautiful weekend bums do in Wang-inspired kickass--but most importantly, effortless--threads.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2009 photo credit:

Thrown over a mini dress, a button-down shirt or even a simple tank top, these basic black cover-ups are anything but blah.

Alexander Wang Resort 2010 photo credit:

Pair an oversized cardigan or jacket with tasteful shorts that guarantee a well-covered booty whether you're strolling around the mall, going on a casual date or partying with girlfriends.

Alexander Wang Resort 2009 photo credit: www.

Slip into a drapey dress that clings on the right places. Remember that one important thing that takes a little extra effort to be able to pull off any dress (or any outfit, for that matter) is wearing the right underwear. No visible panty lines, please!

Alexander Wang Fall 2009 and Resort 2009
photo credit:

Breezy blouses in soft, luxurious fabrics contrasted against body-hugging bottoms can even be worn on work days.

Have a relaxed, fashionable weekend in these easy ensembles!

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