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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let 'Em Rip!

I didn't have to learn how to tie my shoelaces until I was about eight years old because I always had velcro sneakers before. I remember adjusting the straps over and over, loving the ripping sound the velcro straps made. The velcroed pairs I'm eyeing now, though, can no longer be used for doing sports; not that I did a lot of sports as a kid (or... ever, for that matter!)

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These lovely velcro strapped heels from Stella Luna inspired this entry. I'm loving the ones in metallic pewter and white, although at a little over 5,000Php, I don't think more than a pair of these would be a wise investment nowadays.

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These may not be made for running but they're perfect for the dance floor. Channel your inner Lady Gaga and slip into these velcro-strapped platform heels.

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Wooden heels with braided leather velcro straps seem pretty basic, but this particular design has a nice sheen that adds oomph to the everyday staple. A pair of these would be great with your tee and jeans, your floral shirtdress and even your white oxford shirt and khakis.

Hmm. The last pair may actually be the wisest choice in times of recession, but those Stella Lunas are still calling my name! ;)

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