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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doll Domination

Here are a few more Barbie doll-inspired things I've been excited about after being bitten by the Barbie bug for the first time in years! I feel like I grew up a little too fast and forgot how ultra-girly doodads were so much fun. This calls for a few tricks to work doll accessories into a grown-up wardrobe!

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These Chloe Swarovski Crystal bow hair clips from The Royalty Shop are great because not only can you use them as hair accessories, you can also jazz up other items in your closet by clipping them onto the straps of your camis, or even bags.

photo credit: bow,; Fergie,; pink and white Barbie logo,; Barbie Loves Mac compact, MAC Cosmetics

For your hair, aside from using it as a clip on the side, you can attach it to your ponytailer as well and step up Barbie's signature hairstyle.

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Remember The Royalty Shop's pretty headbands I featured last May? They've got new designs, including these Barbie-inspired Ashley Swarovski Crystal headbands! The pink and white version has Barbie written all over it, but if you want some subtlety, you can go with navy and purple, which looks just as sweet.

Little-girl Barbie chic is so old school. Gather your girlfriends and come up with more styling ideas for these little trinkets you wouldn't be able to let go of!

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