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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Denim Lab Explosion

photo credit: Penshoppe

Bea Soriano's billboard on EDSA is gorgeous. What a makeover for Penshoppe.

photo credit: Penshoppe

I like the print ads with Bea Soriano, Solenn Heusaff and Akihiro Sato best. I know they've been trying to reinvent the brand for a while but I was never really drawn to their ads (or shops) until now.

photo credit: Penshoppe

The jeans look HOT. A lot of local print ads are unable to highlight the actual product (usually the focus becomes the famous celebrity model or the clothes when they're in fact advertising shoes, for instance) but Penshoppe's new ads are spot-on. Credits go to Penshoppe, photographer Pilar Tuason, stylist Raoul Ramirez, makeup artist Jigs Mayuga with makeup assistant Yciar Castillo, and hairstylist Vianney Guese.

I think they did a terrific job.

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