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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Filipino Flair

I checked out the designers' fair at TriNoma with my friend and sister yesterday, and found a lot of gorgeous goodies! Pinoy Chic: A Designers' Fair featured today's top local designers and brands including Jerome Ang, Mich Dulce, Maco Custodio, Angelo Estera, Religioso, La Copa, Glitterati, Olivia & Fifth, Myth, The Library, Fuddy Duddy, Moonshine, Cintura Belts, Melange Store, Schizo, Poison Berry, Kathang Kamay and Renegade Folk.

Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of every stall, but I made sure to capture all of my favorites.

My friends know how much I looove Mich Dulce's little creations! She didn't have a lot of clothes at the fair, but do visit her site to see her collections. I still don't know where I can wear these babies, though. Ideas are welcome!

Maco Custodio is revolutionizing Pinoy shoe design. I have my eye on the black and white Eiba shoe.

The ones that I got my hands on, however, were these nude wedges from The Library, which are incredibly comfy! I was actually hunting for nude pumps, but these were too pretty to pass up on. The Librarians have more in store for you online--check out the funky magenta heels here and here, as well as this sophisticated gray pair.

Faye Y. and I love Jerome Ang's bejewelled hats and sexy clothes. Faye is holding up this cute gray piece that looks like a mini skirt but is actually a pair of shorts! It's perfect for nights out with a sparkly top, like the silver tube top on the rack.

Gliteratti's stall was definitely the funkiest. You MUST check out their website--you wouldn't know which album to view first. Above are the skirts that had us gushing like little girls! You can have these skirts made-to-order, and they'll ship them to you for free. I love how the skirts can be worn on nights out, and can also be jazzed up for more formal events--even for Prom! This gave my little sister ideas. ;)

Olivia & Fifth had the classiest dresses, as well as the prettiest accessories like these bangles and uber-versatile chain headbands that can double as necklaces, as my fashionista friend Faye pointed out! We got one each, and now we wish we bought more! They come in silver and gold.

Looking forward to the next fair! I hope more brands and designers will be able to participate.

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