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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drumroll, Please!

It was difficult to choose only one winning entry for the Friday Night Fashions styling contest, but it had to be done! And the winner is...

...Rakiel T.!

"The tube dress alone was very elegant and did not need much to make it stand out... Overall I wanted to achieve a chic, laid-back look. Long [tousled] hair, smoky eyes, a heavy grey jacket, silver grey Goliath gladiators, some intricate statement necklace, and a Stella McCartney clutch are what I used to achieve the look."
Rakiel put together a bold, effortless and sophisticated ensemble with minimal accessories that complement each other. I especially love how her jacket and accessories are all metallic, but each piece has just the right amount of sheen.

Congratulations, Rakiel! You win a gift certificate worth $50 from Friday Night Fashions!

Discount coupons will be given to style mavens Faye Y., Daryll M. and Isa S. for their ultra-cool entries as well!

Faye Y: "For the day makeup, I'd pick [a] neutral [palette]. Her hair can be in a loose bun for a fresher look. For the night makeup, it's all about the color of her lips. A dark shade will do like plum or scarlet. The hair should have soft waves. I didn't use too much accessories for the night time because the vest is already shiny and shimmery."
Faye's night outfit totally rocks! The shiny vest adds a sassy twist to the tough glam feel of the gladiator heels and black and red clutch. I also like the neutral makeup, loose bun and pearls for the day outfit. You can never go wrong with a clean, classy look.

Daryll M.: "...the big chunky necklace serves as the 'centerpiece' of the ensemble. It kinda looks like a ruffled bag, so it looks very interesting and eye-catching. I omitted the earrings since I didn't want to make the neck area too busy. I also added rings that add texture and shape to the whole look. I opted for a simple blue clutch to add a pop of color. I also chose classic peep-toe platform pumps to compliment the classic dress. This pair looks best with bright red nail polish.

"I love this hairstyle since it looks very sexy and, at the same time, very sophisticated without looking too [put-together] and predictable. For
makeup, I'd probably opt for dark, smoky eyes that scream SEXY the minute you enter the room, with tons of lengthening and thickening mascara and Kohl eyeliner. My aim is to draw one's attention to the eyes. The cheeks would be lightly dabbed with bronzer, and the lips would be nude."
Daryll sure gave me all the details of the look she wanted to achieve. My favorite is the statement necklace, which adds a new spin to the LBD and practically transforms it! Her ideas for the hair and makeup--with the wavy locks, dark lids and lashes, light bronzer and nude lips--make me want to ask her to style me!

Isa S.: "Not in the photos are bangles--tons of thick bangles--mostly in gold or earth colors. [For makeup], smoky eyes with black lids, light eyeshadow in the inner corners, and tons of mascara, [plus] black nails with one vintage statement ring."
The daring stylista, Isa S., definitely loves to accessorize! The black leather jacket and heels, white tube dress and gold accessories make a striking combination. The gold bib necklace and bangles give it an Egyptian goddess vibe, mixed with the black leather pieces that make it a little punk rock.

Thanks for joining, ladies, and thanks to Lorelei of Friday Night Fashions for the exciting prizes!

The CityLifeStylist

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