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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pump Up the Volume

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Have fun twirling around town in these high-volume bottoms!

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Give your corporate look a boost with knee-length voluminous skirts paired with slim-fitting tops. Michelle Obama looks very classy in a black cardigan over a white top and a full black skirt. For a snazzier look, a stretch cropped blazer would do the trick.

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The mini versions are perfect for weekends and nights out, whether you're feeling feminine or sporty. Wear 'em girly with ballet flats, or funky with cool sneakers. Take the cue from Leighton Meester in her Reebok ad!

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One of my favorite childhood memories was wearing little girl dresses and feeling like a princess, which is probably why I love full skirts! Relive those magical days with dresses that have voluminous bottoms--minus the puffed sleeves and Peter Pan collars!

Maximize these skirts to their fullest potential! ;)

The CityLifeStylist

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

incidentally, i'm wearing a voluminous bubble-hem skirt right now. i'm glad to find this style in the racks already, it's one of those forgiving styles.