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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Summer '09 Must-haves I: Versatile Pieces

Summer is just around the corner and we better start the search for our beach must-haves early if we plan to have stress-free shopping (read: lots of walking space at the mall and availability of items at online stores!) And with the rise of recessionistas and bargain hunting, hitting two (or more) birds with one stone is always good news. Here are some versatile pieces you can keep for the summer and beyond.

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Online Treasure Trove. Check out these cool purses from Trove that can go from handbag to clutch in a snap! Use the Pereshchepina (shown in aqua, right) or the Sassanian II (shown in black and white, left) to tote your beach essentials during the day. Come evening, fold your bag into a clutch and dance the night away. Log on to the Trove website for more designs and information on how to order. Better put in your orders ASAP if you want to get your hands on these--only five to ten bags for each design are created!

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Two Become One. Here's a swimsuit that has more spunk than the regular two-piece. Ditch your bikinis for sassy maillots like this wicked one-piece from Salvatore Ferragamo that Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) sported in an episode of Gossip Girl. If your swimsuit isn't too slinky, you can even wear jeans and a funky jacket over it for a night out! Find cute cutout maillots at Folded & Hung and Freeway.

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The Perfect Tank Top. This is such a versatile piece that you can layer with practically any outfit for almost any occasion. For the summer, look effortlessly sexy when you use it as a swimsuit cover-up. Look for one that's really comfortable and flattering on your figure--not too tight and not too loose. My fave tanks are from Topshop, and I can say that the moolah I spend on every vest is totally worth it because of the perfect fit and the nice breathable fabric.

Happy shopping, everyone!

The CityLifeStylist

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