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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Strand Up

photo credit: Therese San Diego

Gold and pearls never go out of style. Wear them with a range of outfits from day to night.

photo credits:, and

Pile them on over a simple, casual outfit, like a t-shirt dress and strappy wedges in neutral or solid colors. (Above: T by Alexander Wang baggy boater's dress, Forever21 necklaces and Givenchy wedges)

photo credit:

A long single strand of pearls with a short gold chain looks fresh and sophisticated. Lauren Conrad dons a black mini dress, black pumps and a Chanel purse, and finishes it off with pearls and a thin gold necklace.

photo credit:

Speaking of Chanel, who could forget the lady who put class in costume jewelry with layers and layers of faux pearl necklaces? (Above: Coco Chanel)

It's great to get wild and experiment with fashion, but there are times that call for the classics. These pieces would definitely do the trick.

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