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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Style Icon: Dakota Fanning

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This is the outfit that made me realize how much she has grown! At fourteen, the talented Dakota Fanning has blossomed into a lovely young lady with great style to boot!

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On a regular day, Dakota takes casual chic to the streets donning a long tank top over skinny jeans with a pair of black ballet flats.

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Her tank top and jeans get an upgrade with a motorcycle jacket and a Balenciaga bag. Très chic!

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The dress and the shoes that have just about as much sparkle as glass slippers make Dakota look like a modern-day princess. This pink strapless number looks sweet on her petite frame.

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Dakota seems to love wearing silk mini dresses on the red carpet. She wore one in black at the Toronto premiere of The Secret Life of Bees and another in blue at the 35th Annual People's Choice Awards, among others, but it was this simple white frock that immediately caught my eye. I like how she wears minimal accessories, keeping her outfits looking clean, fresh and classy.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her continue to grow--as an actress and a fashion icon!

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